Visiting Ed Sheeran | New York City, NY | April 11, 2014

GUESS ‘Plunge Skater Dress’ - $89.00

I’m a big lover of the skater silhouette and we all know that Taylor loves stripes so Taylor looked perfectly at ease in this short dress by GUESS.

Worn with: Tod’s bag and Christian Louboutin booties

bless this blog okay

omg hahaha did she think penn’s voice was sexy? ;)

hahaha unfortunately no, but she said his voice is “beautiful”. which i completely agree with xD

so, my grandmother really like “victim” and “easy”.

mother’s reaching all types of audiences.

young adults and 90 year old italian women.



actual disney princess elizabeth
disney songs for the real disney princess

let it go the the girl with the tears
when will my life begin the girl in the tower
when will my life begin (reprise 2) the girl leaving the tower
i have a dream the girl thinking of paris
belle the girl in paris
goodbye may seem forever the girl taken back by her captors
i’ll try the girl back with her captors
into the open air the girl who left her tower again


They’re million million words. All different and all similar. Constants and variables. There’s always a lightouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.